Showreel 2011

Ants. Small creatures. Capable of carrying loads much greater than their body weight. Mightily productive too, when working together.

This metaphorical philosophy underpins Lafourmi (French for ‘the ant’), the Hamburg-based visual effects boutique, which proudly proclaims it is “owned-by-the-artist”. hentai porn Here is a veritable colony where the pipeline enables digital artists and clients to collaborate effectively together and deliver accomplished photo-real 3D animation and VFX composites for such well-known brands as BMW, Nivea, Mont Blanc, Audi, Vauxhall, Lays, Citibank, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp and many others from beer to clothing, from car to beauty and leisure products.

Lafourmi is the brainchild of Florian Bruchhäuser and S milf porn ascha Schmidt. Prior to establishing the business, both had been freelancing for over a decade worldwide – Schmidt working across Europe, Asia and South Africa as a senior inferno artist/VFX supervisor, and Bruchhäuser as a 3D artist/technical director freelancing around Europe, and enjoying a two-year stint at Dreamworks Animation in the US.

“We h mobile porn ad both experienced a lot of radically different composting cultures, pipeline methodologies, and learnt a lot about creativity,” says Schmidt.

The pair combined their complementary knowledge and skills, establishing Lafourmi in 2006 as a business where a small number of artists could successfully deliver projects that were several times larger than might be expected. Bruchhäuser says, “Our company is all about the skills and talents of the people working here. We don’t want to be pure businessmen, we want to be artists making stunning visuals.”

Since 2006 Lafourmi created, designed and finished many tv commercials and also long format image films for industrial fairs or internet applications. After these first three years of existence Lafourmi created a strong portfolio of films with a focus on design and technical visualization (especially for the automobile industry) and also has another footprint in finishing commercials and product demos for beauty products like body moistures, and deodorants (Nivea) or perfume (Laura Biagiotti, Rome)

As the main concept of Lafourmi is the planning and the digital creation or enhancement of photorealistic moving images Lafourmi is also strongly interested in a broad range of clients that need 3D visualizations, 3D simulations of products and/or their functionalities, chemical or physical reactions/simulations or architectural visualizations. Weather there is a need to create a straight visual explanation of a product or this products presentation is more about design, corporate identity and therefore more about visual effects and eye-catching images: Our aim is to translate our high standard in visual effects work that we are renowned for in the gay porn sector of tv commercials into the sector of industrial image films, long format product films or documentaries and all kind of media that has to do with moving images. It could be an online car configuration application or a large format projection concept on a waterfall for a trade fair or a club – what counts for Lafourmi is the creative challenge and the conceptual playground that is being given by the project.

With the experience we draw worldwide from productions with any kind of budget we want to service production houses, agencies and industrial clients in a direct business-to-business contact from the very first idea to the final master. Lafourmi is a partner that stands for a high expertise in visual effects planning and visual effects creation. Lafourmi´s service includes project budgeting, visual effects planning and supervision, pre-visualization, film design and editing, visual effects creation and finalisation from commercial station copies to high resolution mastering or any digital formats for tv, cinema, internet, fairs or trade shows.